Adam Sandler Hunts Down Conan In Los Angeles

Adam Sandler Hunts Down Conan In Los Angeles

Conan & Adam live in the same neighborhood, and Adam recently set out to pay him a visit. More CONAN @

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  1. Imagine if when he was in the street he got hit by a car and the person driving is like "Shit I just hit s guy I hope he's ok. Damn it there's orange shit all over the place. What the fuck?! I just hit fucking Adam Sandler, why the hell is he in a bathrobe?!"

  2. I guess the part with Andy is funny because he's straight… right? I mean other than having that assumed knowledge, he fits right in. :

  3. I have yet to press play, but my God has anyone actually thought about how horrifying it would be to actually have this man walk around like that, with his voice, in your neighborhood? Let alone trying to track you down?

  4. What an complete lack of talent Sandler is! He thinks making a stupid voice is funny! Barf!

  5. Why is this man still famous?

    he coughs up shitty family movies every year and we eat it up.

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