Germany vs Austria: Christop Waltz on the difference between Austrians and Germans

Germany vs Austria: Christop Waltz on the difference between Austrians and Germans

Hollywood actor Christop Waltz, star of Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained, explains the difference between Austrians and Germans.

Although the interview is slightly tongue-in-cheek, Waltz is well qualified to make the comparison. He was born in Vienna, the product of a German-born father, Johannes Waltz, and Austrian-born mother, Elisabeth Urbancic, who were set and costume designers.

As for St Martin Chalets, we love both Austrians AND Germans. We have many visitors from both countries every year, and we would find it very difficult to make a comparison. Honest! ­čÖé

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  1. Christoph Waltz is in a talk show, and of course he's supposed to be entertaining. He's using common stereotypes and is exaggerating massively. Viennese sense of humor is different from the rest of Austria and of course Germany. From their point of view, not having the same sense of humor means no sense of humor at all.

  2. The only thing Austria has ever done is making the world believe that Mozart was Austrian and Hitler was German.

  3. I can see this and so should you all.
    He is taking the pi$$ out of the idiot host who talks too much and doesn't listen.
    What he is alluding to are the Americans. Trying to be sincere but not meaning it. Lacking tact and style. It's obvious he is well out of the host's league of intelligence.
    This is the first time I have seen Waltz in interview and he is very clever. Anyone that knows a few Germans would never ask such a silly question..

  4. I am German. I've heard of it. I even watched it. He hurt my feelings. Arsch. :3

  5. One keeps wishing that this terrible tv host could just shut the fuck up. His shouting and rambling and childish attempts to be constantly in focus ruins the whole show. He is not supposed to be the centre of attention. His guests are.
    He is loud-mouthed and stupid and acts like an uncontrolled baby.

  6. If you know German listen to Waltz being interviewed in Germany. A totally different person. I love how he takes total advantage of his host's supposed (Conan O'Brien is very well-educated so I am assuming he is playing the innocent American here) question. Everything negative about Germans, the Austrians are in spades: rude, arrogant, bigoted, anti-Semitic (yes, still), passive-aggressive…├»┬╗┬┐

  7. Germany vs Austria … simple :
    Einstein, Ghoete, Mozart, Kant, etc … = German
    Hitler = Austria

  8. Im from Austria (Vorarlberg) and i think we are polite. not like the unfriendlie vienna people… In fact Austria is more polite than Germany├»┬╗┬┐

  9. Reading this comment section makes me wonder.. Because Hitler was only born in Austria, Austria is to blame for WWII. He gained power in Germany, the NSDAP was formed in Germany, the allies declared war on Germany. People say that it's also Austrias fault because they decided to join Germany. Well first of all Austria was in shambles after WWI and seeing how Germany was thriving under Hitler, most people in that time thought joining Hitler was pretty tantilising. Second, most people knew that voting NO and not joining Germany would piss the NSDAP off pretty badly. So telling Austrians, well you wanted Hitler. Is like telling a North Korean that its their fault for Kim Jong Un being in power because they 'voted' for him. And what I just wrote is probably pretty bias as I'm austrian.

  10. I am Austrian and I don`t agree at all with Mr. Waltz. The legend of the germans without any sense of HUMOUR is the result of a overdose of bad nazi-movies. People like Helge Schneider and Gerhard Polt are the living proves that germans have a quite big sense of humour. Also the huge sucess of the Monty Pythons in Germany in the 70´s makes clear that they can´t be so awfully grim and serious people. What is true is that germans have less FUN than other people in their lifes (a high price they pay for their efficiency). They still have to work a bit on that, for their own best I think. That doesn´t mean that I want them to transform into brazilians, god forbid, i just would like to see them more relaxed.

  11. You can tell he got a little annoyed when he brought up the fact he couldn't tell the difference between them. Waltz seems like a pretty shy dude and I can read him like a book when he's uncomfortable. He's too smart for these talk show hosts.

  12. He talked about germans not having a sense of humour and germans obviously brought up Hitler in the comments. Thanks for the double-check

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