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  1. 每次看见他的脸我就想笑。。。。好像假人。。。哈哈哈

  2. You're definitely going to be a big youtuber some day!!! Keep it up love your originality and humor!

  3. you're literally being such a trashy person. why are you juding so many people so harshly? you dont even know them! and its even dumber that you are using a magazine. there are always pictures of people that are not going to show them at their best, but these magazine photos are usually photoshopped the make them look worse. their intentions to trick people into believeing they look like that and whatever whatever are obviously becoming a success because your dumbass fell for it. like how the fuck could you believe kendall was preg with scotts baby you dumbass!😂😂😂

  4. Yeah he's ugly but half the things he says on the video is true like seriously what's wrong with Jlo's makeup that was not a good look and sometimes the magazines go a bit overboard with the pictures trying to make celebrities look good but they make them look worse instead and that's just part of life you're all ugly nobody's perfect!!

  5. Drawing scary faces and dicks all over everyone in the magazines is a lot more fun than reading them :D

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